J Kenyon Gardening Services Logo, 2020
The Logo I designed for the new gardening business of J Kenyon Gardening Services.
Fine-liner, edited digitally.
Octopus Lady and Crab Man, 2020
This was a commission I was asked to do, inspired by Sophie Cunningham's octopus, for a little boy's birthday present. The image had a wonderful story behind and was a pleasure to illustrate.
Watercolour and fine-liner on watercolour paper.
The Circle of Seven Senses Image, 2019
This is an image used for The Circle of Seven Senses Creative Retreat. For web use and products sold at the retreat.
Collage, fine-liner and photomontage on photoshop.
The Circle of Seven Senses Logo, 2019
This is the logo I was asked to do for the Circle of Seven Senses Creative Retreat. This features all the seven senses; Smell, Touch, Hope, Hearing, Sight, Taste and Intuition.
Fine-liner, edited digitally.
Science Fiction for Survival - An Archive for Mars, Terra Two Anthology: Volume One, 2019
I was commissioned to do the book cover image for the Terra Two Anthology Publication in 2019. See More.
Fine-liner and edited digitally with photomontage in photoshop.

Terra Two Project Logo, 2018
I was asked to create the Logo for Terra Two, a sci-fi project detailing different futuristic aspects of humanity's off-world survival in a mission to Mars.
Fine-liner and edited digitally.
Quentin Blake Exhibition Colouring Book Page, 2018
The illustration I created for a collaborative colouring book to be placed for children to colour at the Quentin Blake Exhibition, BFG in Pictures. This was at York Art Gallery.
Digitally drawn.
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