What happens when a mischievous shadow just wants to play?
It causes a whole lot of bother!
This charmingly funny story follows two friends, a polar bear and its shadow Kyle. Much like ourselves, Kyle the shadow doesn't really want to work, he wants to play! In his attempts at fun he accidentally causes mayhem at the igloo factory they work at. But how will he make things right?


Title Page

'This is me and my friend Kyle. People used to say we were joined at the hip.'

'When he first went missing, I knew without a shadow of a doubt where he would be'

'I should have known something was wrong'. 'But we were late for work and we had to go...'

'Kyle was out of sorts all day. He didn't behave well at all.' 'In fact, Kyle caused'


'I wasn't very happy with Kyle that night, so I didn't notice when he disappeared again.'

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