Often it feels like our world has stopped when we lose someone, but life always moves on...
'Sometimes, We Get Lonely" is a book that can help children better understand the concept of loss and bereavement through the metaphor of a tree losing its leaves.
This book teaches the reader to be kind to themselves in accepting their sadness and loneliness after losing someone.

'Sometimes, We Get Lonely' dummy book

'They find friends in their leaves, who dance and talk in the breeze...'

'The tree feels lonely, the tree feels blue, it can't stop thinking about how the leaves flew...'

'When the winter winds blow, down comes the snow, other friends disappear, it is a cold time of year...'

'But out of the cold and the hopeless weather, comes new growth bringing friends together.'

'Wiggling its branches... "What are these?" Said the tree. "Oh! they are buds for new friends!" It said with glee!

I exhibited this project at the end of my Illustration BA course in the annual YSJ Degree Show. I had a Dummy Book on a stand with fallen leaves around it. Framed on the wall I had three enlarged spreads, spotlighted to see up close.
My stand got many positive comments from visitors, praising 'Sometimes, We Get Lonely' and my professionalism.
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